April 2023

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A winning entry will be chosen based on best visualization and successfully following the entry rules – winning a $500 Amazon voucher code courtesy of Pomerol Partners, Qlik, TimeXtender Astrato, DATAcated & NovyPro, a DATAcated circle membership worth $497 and 2 eBooks from packt and ColorWise by Kate Strachnyi!

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How to submit your entry:

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The deadline to participate in this month’s challenge is Monday 24th April 11:59pm GMT with the winner being announced on Sunday 30th April. 

How to Create an Astrato Entry:

Want to try your hand at Astrato? The December DataDNA Challenge is the perfect dataset for fun, fast, and creative exploration!

This month, you’ll find the data available in the Astrato DemoData Connection. Follow the steps below to get started:

To Connect to Sample Fitness Tracker Data

  • Log in to Astrato
  • If this is your first time logging in, make sure that you import the demo workbooks by clicking on the demo workbook card from the workbook section to establish a connection to the demo data!
  • Click “New Workbook” at the top right corner of your workspace
  • On the next screen, select “New Data View”
  • Select the Demodata Snowflake connection from the Data Source list. This will open the Data View Editor.
  • Select the iPhone Reviews Data Table and begin to create your masterpiece!

Fitness Tracker Dataset

Welcome to the DataDNA Fitness Tracker Dataset Challenge!


  1. Is there a significant demand for fitness trackers in the Indian market?
  2. Information on the top 5 brands for fitness bands and smart watches
  3. Is there a correlation between the prices and product specifications, ratings, etc.
  4. Different types of fitness trackers, their price segments for different users


This is a fitness tracker product dataset consisting of different products from various brands with their specifications, ratings and reviews for the Indian market. The data has been collected from e-commerce websites namely Flipkart and Amazon using web scraping technique.

This dataset contains 451 samples with 16 attributes. There are some missing values in this dataset.

Credit to the original authors.
Data Source

Data Dictionary

Column NameDescription
IndexThe row index number. (Integer)
BrandThe fitness tracker brand. (String)
Current PriceThe price at the time of scraping. (Integer)
Original PriceThe price at the time of launch. (Integer)
Discount PercentageThe discount as of now. (Integer)
RatingThe product rating. (String)
Number OF RatingsThe number of ratings given by the customers.. (Integer)
Model NameThe model name under the brand. (String)
Dial ShapeThe dial Shape of the product. (String)
Strap ColorThe strap Color of the product. (String)

DataDNA Dataset Challenge April 2023

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Please read the challenge terms and conditions before participating.

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