About Us

Pomerol Partners builds industry leading business-focused data solutions. We are not general technologists; we specialize in data and data-driven projects. We provide business value to our clients through simplifying data and making data actionable.

JULY 2013

Pomerol spun out of Deutsche Bank in 2013 after a range of successful BI projects were delivered saving the bank over $3m..

JULY 2015

Pomerol expands to South Africa opening our first office outside of the UK..

AUG 2016

In response to strong client demand Pomerol opened its first US based operations in Kansas City with a core focus on the Midwest..

OCT 2016

Pomerol is awarded a position on the Qlik Americas Partner Advisory Council and appears in the top quadrant of financial services partners..

JUL 2017

Pomerol expands to its second location in the US, opening an office in Chicago..

JUL 2018

Pomerol and major US investment bank start co-developing Qlik writeback extension..

APR 2019

Pomerol UK moves into new offices at Waterloo station..

JUL 2019

Pomerol expands to its third location in the US, opening an office in Denver..

JAN 2021

Pomerol Partners restructures for expansion – appointing new partners as growth accelerates. Pomerol expands in Europe by opening an office in Lisbon, Portugal..

FEB 2024

Pomerol Partners enters Australian market launching APAC presence..