Qlik Accelerators

Get your Qlik analytics projects moving FAST with these pre-built accelerator apps.



Pomerol Partners Salesforce Accelerator for Qlik

Get the Salesforce analytics you need, all within Qlik Sense, faster than you ever thought possible with Pomerol’s Salesforce Accelerator for Qlik.

Visit our Salesforce Accelerator for Qlik Product Page to learn more.


Pomerol Partners Google Analytics 4 Accelerator for Qlik

With the sunsetting of Universal Analytics and the forced move to GA4 you may need to update your existing Qlik ETL processes. Pomerol’s accelerator app streamlines the process of extracting metrics and dimensions from the new GA4 schema.

Visit our GA4 Accelerator Product Page to learn more.





Pomerol Partners Samsara Accelerator for Qlik

Samsara has become a critical asset for the transportation and logics industry, and like any other operational data source, we need to extract the raw data from source and get it staged for reporting or integrations with other business systems. Pomerol’s pre-built accelerator app will get you kickstarted with extracting data via the REST API, modelling the data, and visualizing it.

Visit our Samsara Accelerator Product Page to learn more. 


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