How We Work

BI is not BI if you’re not seeing ROI.

By assuming the role of conduit between business strategy and IT, our team of highly-skilled, tool-agnostic consultants are ready to facilitate cross-functional dialogue based on solid empirical evidence.

Simplifying Complexity

In a world where there is more data than there are humans, master data management is a survival imperative. At Pomerol, we work with you to roadmap a medium-term data architecture. And to provide the requisite technology stack recommendations – in as cost-effective a manner as possible – such that the organisation’s access to data and the adoption of data insights is accessible, affordable, scalable and reliable.

Our Approach

We believe that simply capturing and reporting on data is meaningless unless it drives efficient improvements throughout our client’s organisation. Our approach is unique contextualisation, analysis, relational data sources and near-live data loads which enable us to create a BI environment that ensures all decisions made are informed ones. We give you a quicker route to a value that gives you the competitive edge and uncovers opportunities for profit and efficiencies – in partnership with you.

Our Process

  • Identifying the problem

What pivotal question, when answered, best supports your business’ immediate needs?

  • Best fit

Designate the right tool, for the right problem and the right person, for the right tool.

  • Data

    assessment and model creation

Establish quick wins and undertake a deep-dive to provide a strategic overview that is aligned with your business objectives.

  • Planning

Develop a three year achievement plan that provides a roadmap towards data centricity. Perform a technical skills assessment with an audit of current internal resource. Create a project plan of the proposed capability with the department and human capital interdependencies clearly visualised.

  • Development and handover

Bi-weekly sprints with daily stand ups. Provide a staged support team to perform the handover in alignment with a capability roll-out plan. Provide quarterly business reviews of tactical, strategic and operational situations.

Engagement Model

We have refined an engagement model that prioritizes ROI while ensuring minimum risk for our clients. What’s more, there is no obligation to purchase any software or licences.

Using your data, Pomerol will produce an end-to-end demonstration to illustrate how multiple data sources can be aligned, transformed and visualized. We can develop on-premise, in the cloud or adopt a hybrid approach.

For first time clients we offer a 50% discount to list price with a breakpoint at day 10. Following on from the PoC, Pomerol will deliver a near production-ready app to address a specific business problem or reporting need.

Start your Pomerol Pilot today.

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