Our Approach

We simplify data to help your business grow.

We are strategic advisors who integrate, disparate and disconnected data sources within an organization through a process of flexible problem analysis. We do this in order to enable the right strategic discussions that drive business growth. Our core business is within Data Engineering, Business Intelligence Consulting, and, Advanced Data Analytics.

Analytics TO WIN®

Achieving ROI depends on having a clear direction the supports business outcomes. Pomerol Partners leverages the proven Analytics TO WIN® methodology for creating a comprehensive data and analytics strategy in days or weeks rather than the months that most organizations take. Our 4-step method includes tools and templates to streamline the entire process.

  • Define – corporate and analytics objectives
  • Assess – what are the strengths and weaknesses in your organization’s Data Supply Chain
  • Identify – cross-functional stakeholders are included in the process to address department specific data and analytics related challenges and gaps
  • Assemble – create your final strategy matrix and roadmap

Deliverable: a concise roadmap that clearly defines and prioritizes your data-related efforts.

Result: achieving your business objectives!

DataOps 360

Getting value out of your data can be simplified down to a few core functions:

  • Acquire – centralize data from on-premise systems, Excel files, cloud-based systems
  • Store – store and transform the data for analysis
  • Predict – forecasting with advanced tools or just being able to identify trends
  • Analyze – data needs to be in the hands of users so they can act on it
  • Govern and Monitor – make sure your data stays reliable

Pomerol’s DataOps 360 approach transforms your business using the most efficient means possible. We focus on providing business value and work with a wide range of platforms depending on your specific needs.

Pomerol DataOps 360 Graphic

Business Intelligence Consulting

Pomerol work with large enterprises to help solve business problems by collecting historical and present data, and using statistics and software to analyse raw information to deliver insights for making better future decisions.

Qlik, Microsoft – Power BI and Fabric, Tableau

Advanced Data Analytics

We help our customers to find the hidden value in their data. This comes in many forms – reducing cost, increasing revenue, detecting fraud, identification of regulatory issues, and more.

Machine Learning, Data Science, DataRobot, Python, Snowpark

Data Engineering

If you need to combine or compare disparate data sources, then Data Engineering can help to remove the complexity from your data throughout your data integration or data migration initiatives.

Talend, Qlik, Matillion, Microsoft Fabric, Azure Data Factory

Hosted Analytic Services

Interested in reducing CAPEX overheads and management headaches? Look at migrating your analytics to the cloud using our Azure services or Qlik cloud solutions and let us manage it all for you.

Azure, Qlik Cloud, Inhouse hosting services

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