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As a leading data centric business enablement company, we have done work in multiple technologies and industry sectors. Below is a random selection of Demos across our industry solutions and product offerings.

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Leading Data Analytics

We are a data-centric consultancy and one of our enablers is our specialist knowledge in a range of technologies. We combine our strategy, technology and management consulting expertise to help you optimise your data ecosystem for your business information and reporting. Let us help you turn your data into a competitive advantage.

We aim to make our clients as successful and self-sufficient as possible.

Pomerol provided a number of services to fulfill this aim. From fully hosted managed services and data processing project implementation guidance and management, to our expert tech support, we strive to not only meet, but exceed every client’s expectations.

Bespoke and Relevant for your business needs. Every class is taught by an Pomerol expert and includes extensive hands-on training.

Pomerol has designed and implemented managed service operations, from full batch processing, claims management to data capturing and archiving. This can be done in the cloud or on-site depending on the requirements. When implementing managed services, we are software agnostic and will work with your business to determine the right technology stack for your needs.

Pomerol can help identify and then map out your key business processes. Once there have been identified, we can guide you through industry best practice bench marking standards then then finally help you implement system and process changes to get your business ahead of the competition.

Need a development project completed quickly? Our consultants can help your project implementation run on-time and on budget.

Are you looking for direct help on a specific project, but would like to complete the task yourself? Our mentoring program is just what you need.