Excellence is in our DNA.

Our consultants are trained on best practice techniques in working with data and understanding it. Moreover, they are encouraged and motivated to solve business problems without the constraints of systems. At Pomerol, we like to hire brilliant minds who are compelled to find solutions, whatever the challenge.

Interested in working for us?

Graduate Program

We are looking for graduates to join our fast-growing, dynamic and innovative company. From day one, you will be given continuous support, encouraged to act on your initiative and most of all…grow!


  • MBA or BSc, BEng, BA in STEM subject (flexibility can be applied)
  • Experience using SAP and/or other ERP tools Experience using data visualisation software (Qlik/ Tableau/ Lavastorm/ Microsoft)
  • Strong business acumen, communication & analytical skills Ability to work independently as well as in a team

Consultancy Roles

Our consultants are at the heart of what we do, and we are always looking for like-minded individuals to join our team. We pride ourselves on our diverse team and look for individuals whose skills and qualities match our core principles of entrepreneurship, personal responsibility and innovation. We invest heavily in our staff and consider the environment perfect for anyone wanting autonomy, whilst striving to develop, add value and make friends along the way. If you enjoy taking on new challenges, whilst also learning and developing both as a person and in your work role, we want to hear from you!

  • Experience in a consultancy-based role/client-orientated role
  • Experience using data visualisation software (Qlik/ Tableau/ Lavastorm/ Microsoft)
  • Strong understanding of SAP and/or other ERP tools
  • Solid presentation and documentation skills
  • Ability to work independently as well as in a team
  • Ability to take the lead when needed
  • MBA or BSc, BEng, BA in STEM subject (flexibility can be applied)

As someone from a non-technical background, I was a little nervous about joining Pomerol in July 2018. These qualms and worries dissipated very early on as the culture within the office is that of helping, and knowledge sharing wherever possible. An emphasis is placed on learning and upskilling.
This has created an environment where learning is encouraged. Recently Pomerol have become a Microsoft Gold Partner which showcases our skills within the entire Microsoft Suite. This achievement can be attested directly to the culture within the office.
Over the past year, I have learnt a tremendous amount from my colleagues and have worked on interesting and challenging projects. One of which was creating a scalable landscape (various sales) model in Microsoft Power BI. I am currently focused on working on the Bush Analytics team in South Africa and recently completing a project with a Tour Operator, which I really enjoyed.

Werner – Consultant

I joined Pomerol right from the beginning and it has truly been my home away from home. I came from an IT Support background which gave me a great base for building my development and consulting skills. Pomerol’s friendly atmosphere has been fantastic for encouraging me to develop from day one. Since joining, Pomerol has helped me grow my developer skills through different training efforts and has also supported my move to Project Management, which is what I enjoy the most. I am currently the Lead Developer and Project Manager for one of our key clients and have an amazing team of developers who I love seeing progress as they continue working with us. I feel very lucky to be part of Pomerol.

Keisi – Senior Consultant & Project Manager

I joined Pomerol in 2018 as an intern whilst completing my master’s degree in Entrepreneurial Management. I was looking for a SME with training and progression opportunities, and Pomerol matched this perfectly.
On my first day I began a course to learn QlikView inside and out. Within weeks I was completing hands-on exercises using real data for a large client of ours. I worked closely with a Senior Consultant who was really encouraging and supported me throughout this process.
During my time as a trainee, I have completed more than 10 courses, ranging from learning basic Microsoft Suite applications to scripting in coding languages, and everything in between. I feel that Pomerol’s training process helped to transition me seamlessly from theory to practice within a short period of time.
More recently, I built a Microsoft PowerApps and Flow application for a large utilities company to automate and streamline the information collection process from all campaigns within the marketing department with built in approval steps and safeguards.
Pomerol places an emphasis on personal growth for everyone within the company, and the cheerful environment really makes me feel welcome within minutes of arriving. I have recently graduated from my master’s and have been offered a full-time position as a Junior Consultant. I am very excited to take on new challenges with Pomerol.

Nick – Consultant

I joined Pomerol via my MBA program with the Mountbatten Institute. I had been working in Dallas, Texas previously as an IT Auditor and SAP Security implementer and needed a change. I had been a consultant, working with c-suite level stake holders in solving audit related issues so knew the problem solving mentality of consulting is something I was looking forward to continuing in my next step. I was placed with Pomerol and that kick started my career in Business Intelligence and the world of Big Data. I have since learned various technologies including QlikView, QlikSense, Tableau, Alteryx and Hadoop in conjunction with my existing system knowledge of SAP and complex business environments. My current project is interesting as our client is looking to move from one BI tool to another, which will most likely be a growing trend in the coming years as environments and best practices shift.

Briana – Senior Consultant