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As a leading data centric business enablement company, we have done work in multiple technologies and industry sectors. Below is a random selection of Demos across our industry solutions and product offerings.

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Join not only a company, but a team of like-minded people..

We are always looking for energetic consultants, project managers and business experts to help us continue to grow and run our support functions – in all corners of our organisation.


Maximising potential is what we do – for both our customers and employees.


Pushing the limits of what’s possible and going beyond customer expectations, our teams thrive on solving interesting challenges. We get results, alongside like-minded, passionate colleagues.


What we stand for

As a member of the Pomerol team, you have the opportunity and are challenged to take responsibility. More than that, you are invited to see Pomerol as a platform to develop your entrepreneurial spirit. This can manifest itself in many different ways. Take responsibility for developing our business in a new technology or functional area, help us to expand geographically, engage by managing projects, teams or business units, start new service offerings or revolutionise some other aspect of our business.

This means customer orientation and constantly finding creative and innovative approaches for our customers to improve their business. Our customers’ success and reaching their goals is our highest priority. The innovation and quality leadership goals in our vision reflect directly this core value. We deliver value by innovating our customers’ business processes and deliver such innovation in the highest quality.

Partnership is part of the Pomerol DNA. Client or employee, rookie or CEO, we treat everyone as a partner based on the principle of fairness and the goal of a mutually beneficial long term relationship. We consider everyone’s input and opinion. We only judge and consider factors which are in direct relation to each person’s qualification for our business. We respect and welcome diversity in all its forms.

“Hi, I am Murray. I have been working at Pomerol Partners for 2 years. I came across to Pomerol after working in the London City at an investment bank. I became frustrated in the city as my job prospects were limited to a particular path which was rather hard to deviate away from. I loved working with data and after meeting a few Pomerol team members I decided to apply for a role within the company. I didn’t really know what skills I offered but I settled in after a few weeks I found two tools that I really enjoyed and I decided to focus on these. Since joining I haven’t looked back, I have worked on a number of projects across multiple industries. I am constantly learning new approaches and solutions and I am always challenged to think out of the box.

I am proud to be a member of the Pomerol family, what I really appreciate is the energetic, “can-do” attitude in the office.”

Murray – Consultant @ Pomerol Partners UK Office.

“I am Cindy and I started at Pomerol after joining through a graduate recruitment program. Pomerol had a few telephonic interview with me and decided to hire me on the graduate recruitment program for their London office, even though I was based in the USA. This fantasic opportunity enabled me to gain both cultural experience and world class management consulting experience. I have been working with SAP data and have solved some complex customer requirements by modeling different SAP data tables into in-memory data models. One of my clients have saved millions of £ Pounds as a result of the work my team has done. My internship ends in two months but I have been offered and have accepted a permanent position in the London office! I am very proud to be joining the company on a full-time basis!”

Cindy, Consultant at Pomerol Partners UK

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Our people are our secret to delivering excellence as promised! We have fostered a culture promoting progressive thinking to tackle complex engineering challenges transforming creative ideas into reality!