Power On: The Writeback for Power BI

Supercharge Power BI with Planning & Writeback

Pomerol Partners specializes in guiding your team to increase usage in Power BI, a platform you’ve already invested so much into. We develop and implement real-time, collaborative data-collection, forecasting, commenting, and what-if scenario modeling, with the ease of a filtered spreadsheet*, all in Power BI.

*it’s like working in Excel, but in Power BI!

How Lechler uses Power ON


Operational Planning

Sales Planning

Supply Chain Planning

Driver-based Modeling

Rough-cut Capacity Forecasting

Variance or Threshold Reporting

Custom Apps(Click-not-Code)

Commenting on data points

Data Quality & Classification

Approval Workflow

Audit log monitoring

ANY Data Collection process


financial sector



Financial Planning


Long Range Forecasting

Revenue / OPEX

Variance Reporting

Integrated Business Planning

Equipping your company with world-class expertise with Pomerol ensures it’s a straight-forward, streamlined process for you. We take care of the development, implementation and team training so you can focus o what matters most: your customers.

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Power ON Services

In today’s world, you need to connect analysis with decisions and actions. That means analysis must be more than read-only dashboards, drill down and ‘export to spreadsheets.’ It means you need to bring in experts (us) that have experience in bridging the gap between technical development and C-level data-driven decision making. We do this by supporting your team to analyze, enter plans and models, and manage data, all in one place, with strong user adoption.

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