Salesforce Accelerator for Qlik

Looking to get moving fast with Qlik Sense and Salesforce?


Get the Salesforce analytics you need, available within Qlik Sense SaaS, faster than you ever thought possible.

Configure custom analytics in a fraction of time.




Our pre-built accelerator takes weeks off your timeline.

Understand and monitor your Salesforce data with our preconfigured data extraction monitoring.

Get immediate value from two preconfigured Qlik Sense analytic dashboards: Salesforce Pipeline Analytics & Campaign Performance Analysis




Video Introduction

Scott Duthie, Partner, walks you through a range of accelerator assets Pomerol has built to help clients get moving fast with Qlik projects and Salesforce data. It walks through the end-to-end work flow of loading data from Salesforce, building an associative model, dashboards, capturing opportunity edits with a writeback extension directly within your Qlik dashboard, and deploying those edits back into the live Salesforce tenant with application automation.

Watch 5-minute tutorial now


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