UK Airport Data Warehouse Reporting System


Working together with a major UK airport to revamp their data warehousing and reporting infrastructure. This included data capture, business rule transformation and storage. Lavastorm was used to obtain and merge the multiple, disparate data sources into the warehousing platform whilst best-of-breed Qlik Sense was used as the visualisation tool. The result is a scalable, agile platform which enables detailed analysis from across the airport’s operations (ranging from passenger foot-flow to aircraft turn-around).



  1. Outdated data provisioning, warehousing and reporting.
  2. An old legacy on premise data warehouse that was 18 years old was still being implemented.
  3. Reports where being created in Excel.
  4. Little to non data governance or lineage.
  5. No data value could be recognized via evidence based decision making.
  6. All reports where static thus couldn’t perform identify any trends or perform any business discovery.



Combing Lavastorm Dataverse agile data provisioning and lineage platform, Google Big Query, cloud data warehouse and Qlik Sense platforms.

A re-engineer of the existing set of core reports to begin the advanced analysis.

An evidence based decision approach was implemented.

An agile platform end to end, with confidence in the underlying data via Lavastorm, acting as the foundation for the business discovery process enabled by the Qlik platform.



Project is still in implementation, so the ROIC and examples of benefits of the new platform are not yet available.

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