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As a leading data centric business enablement company, we have done work in multiple technologies and industry sectors. Below is a random selection of Demos across our industry solutions and product offerings.

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Case Study

Case Study: Supplier Invoice Reconciliation

Introduction Pomerol worked with a leading utilities company to automate their Supplier Invoice validation process using the Lavastorm platform. Each incoming invoice is checked to ensure that every invoiced item is valid and that the charged price is correct. Challenges Gathering the necessary data from...
Case Study

Case Study: Trade Breaks & Data Accuracy

Introduction An internal project to categorise and report on Trade Breaks was proving unsuccessful, as the users had little confidence in the accuracy of the data that was being presented to them. This resulted in various departments manually creating their own versions of the reports,...
Case Study

Case Study: Internal Fraud Analytics

Introduction A risk assessment scoring system for relationship managers Successful on-going measurement of fraud events and activity allowing the audit department instant identification of potential fraudulent activity. Challenges Complex design requirement for a dynamically weighted scoring system to assess the risk at a resource level....

Case Study: UK Airport Data Warehouse Reporting System

Introduction Working together with a major UK airport to revamp their data warehousing and reporting infrastructure. This included data capture, business rule transformation and storage. Lavastorm was used to obtain and merge the multiple, disparate data sources into the warehousing platform whilst best-of-breed Qlik Sense...

Case Study: Pharmaceutical Sales Management

Introduction With an intimate knowledge of QlikView and a wealth of Big Pharma experience, Pomerol Partners have delivered a market leading platform to visualise and enhance sales performance. Multidimensional live reporting drives real actionable insights and a true competitive advantage for the client, a leading...

Data Management – Extract, Transform, Load

In today’s rapidly changing data environment, it is critical that IT and business work together in order to unlock the competitive advantages within their data. However, legacy business intelligence processes often make this relationship time consuming and challenging. There must be a better way! With...

Hedgeweek Awards – Best Data Visualisation Consultancy

About the Hedgeweek Awards Pomerol Partners awarded the 2015 and 2016 Hedgeweek Global Awards for Best Data Visualization Consultancy. Hedgeweek is the most targeted digital news publisher serving institutional investors/wealth managers and their investment managers/advisers across all asset classes with seven daily global newswires and...