Facilitating change in a financial division through a Global Sales Report

Case Studies

With an intimate knowledge of QlikView and a wealth of Big Pharma experience, Pomerol Partners have delivered a market-leading platform to visualise and enhance sales performance.

Multi-dimensional live reporting drives real actionable insights and a true competitive advantage for the client, a leading US-based global bio-pharmaceutical giant addressing 170 unique markets.

Pomerol sought an efficient and transparent visualization process to support their growing data needs and gain a competitive sales and market advantage using agile business analytics for big data.


Changes in business logic, or requests for different views of the SQL tables, required an extensive development effort, incremental costs, as well as independent data validation reporting tools – making it impossible to foster an agile and responsive service needed to stay on pace with the evolving business landscape.

Pomerol Partners, a best in class global data visualization consultancy, first digested the requirements, then wire-framed and implemented a solution in a collaborative technology approach.

This allows seamless data preparation and analysis – first visualizing (Qlik) all the data and then transforming (Infogix/Lavastorm) all of it, with a proof of concept ready and confidence restored in just 20 days.

Below are some of the data cleanse processes that where carried out for the client.

  • Advanced ETL producing clean, credible data that key stakeholders can rely on
  • Cross module analysis incorporating SAP, makret share, patient and CRM data
  • Granular reporting at a Sales rep and account level across 140 individual markets
  • Sales performance and incentive management
  • Actionable insights that drive daily decision making

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