Tracking Key Business Metrics using Power BI

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Case Studies
Tim Watson, Partner



Company Highlights

Client Name: Notting Hill Genesis

Industry: Housing

Client Function: Property Management, Finance, IT, Security


Business Problem

Notting Hill Genesis (NHG) are driving to be a business with a strong data culture where people throughout the firm can use business intelligence (BI) to inform their decisions. The legacy data architecture at NHG is siloed and it is difficult to combine data from these different data sources. Creating new reports using their legacy data warehouse is time consuming and requires reverse engineering old transformation logic.

NHG required a tactical solution that would allow them to deliver new reporting quickly to track key business metrics whilst they build their strategic data platform in Azure.



The solution has challenges common to many BI projects:

  1. Requires pulling data from across different departments in the firm.
  2. The storage and transformation logic need to be implemented in such a way as to not create another data silo that locks in all the data.
  3. It must be delivered quickly to provide tactical short-term fix whilst also complimenting the long-term strategic solution.


Solution and Results

Pomerol designed a solution using the Microsoft data stack:

Pomerol delivered a suite of Power BI dashboards that provided reporting on functions across the business, including:

-Case management for the property portfolio

-Cyber security Employee recruitment and retention

-Departmental financial reporting

-IT helpdesk customer satisfaction

These dashboards improved their ability to track key metrics and to analyze the data behind those metrics. They are now able to quickly and easily enhance their BI reporting as business needs evolve. This project demonstrated how Power BI enables businesses to rapidly connect to and visualize any data, uncovering powerful insights that lead to a direct business impact.


About Pomerol

Pomerol Partners creates and delivers meaningful, business-focused data solutions. We are not general technologists; we specialize in data and data-driven projects. Our team of consultants and data engineers have a depth of experience across the full analytics supply chain –  from initial data extract, through transformation and modelling, to dashboarding and operational alerting, and, onward to machine learning and predictive analytics. We also integrate data into customer facing portals. We work in a wide range of industries across a wide range of business functions including sales, operations, finance, manufacturing, marketing, and, more. Our clients include the Fortune 100 to 100 employee companies.

Our consultants are in Australia, United States, United Kingdom, and Portugal.