Client Product Reporting in FX Sales & Trading

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Case Studies
Tim Watson, Partner


Type: Multinational investment bank and financial services holding company

Industry: Banking

Client Function: FX Sales & Trading



Optimizing AutoFX product reporting by re-building Alteryx workflows, creating a modular design, and implementing a data validation tool. The results include faster report generation, reduced risk, and an efficient platform for future enhancements.


Business Problem

The company product AutoFX makes it easier for smaller banks to streamline cross-border payments for their customers by automating foreign exchange conversion before the transaction occurs.

Reporting was developed for the AutoFX product to provide summaries to customers of the transactions they have conducted, and visibility of revenue generated to the FX Sales & Trading team. This reporting function was no longer fit for purpose.



  1. Legacy reporting does not provide the in-depth insights required to fully analyse product performance
  2. Reports took too long to generate, analysts could not get an up-to-date view transactions
  3. Implementation was difficult to maintain
  4. The complex implementation prevented further enhancements to the reporting



Pomerol took a consulting led approach where we worked closely with the business to understand their business processes to ensure the new solution catered to their needs.  We did this by re-building Alteryx workflows used to generate the reports, and creating a modular design to segregate the different aspects of the reporting. We also created a data validation tool to audit the reports and provide transparency of the reporting processes.



  1. Provides our client and their clients more timely and more in-depth visibility of the transactions conducted by AutoFX
  2. Reduced risk through increasing transparency of the report generation process
  3. Greatly reduced the time required to generate the reports, run in minutes instead of hour
  4. The new modular approach created an efficient, stable platform that is straight forward to enhance


About Pomerol

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