Vendor Reporting Distribution

Case Studies

In this case study we will look into how Pomerol enabled a key leader in the Supply Chain Industry to create and distribute large amounts of reports more efficiently. We built an automated solution for more than 300 supplier reports which reduced the risk and time effort that Analysts put into their weekly reports.

NPrinting with NewsStand is a self-service web portal for users, where they can subscribe to the reports, view, download and schedule them as they like, instead of receiving reports via e-mails.


The business had a problem distributing monthly forecasting reports to 300+ external vendors. As the data was sensitive and vendors were potentially competitors, it was imperative that vendors were only emailed the relevant forecasts.  

The clients existing system was extremely manual and didn’t have the ability to send out automated bulk emails. 

The goal of the engagement was to send automated emails to vendors with the relevant buyers cc’d.  


A fully automated Global QlikView application was created to manage the monthly changes of the vendor/supplier information. This gave the business full visibility over vendor performance with the ability to drill down where further analysis was needed.  

Flags had to be created to match suppliers and buyers email addresses. This master table would be updated by the business on a weekly basis.  

Pomerol consolidated all the vendor and buyer details into a master table that was simple for the business to maintain  

This is then imported into an NPrinting task that distributes a 4-page report to 300 different Vendors with the data filtered accordingly.  

This fully automated solution saves the client having to do hours of heavily manual vendor reporting each week.