Vendor Procurement


Pomerol work with their client to provide visibility into actual material spend at a vendor level allowing the client to evaluate price increases or potential saving areas by streamlining their procurement process.


Comparison of unit prices for individual materials compared with the historic prices created problems when being bought from multiple vendors.

Price comparisons weren’t available.

Price of the supplying materials proved by the vendors weren’t accessible.

Couldn’t match off the invoice amount to the PO price.


Master data, PO and invoicing data extracted from SAP was converged into one report through the display of QlikView.


Users could drill into specific materials.

Historical and PO information was available to the client.

Complete analysis on the spend per vendor could be performed from the vendor.



Millions of $ were saved as client to purchase from the best priced vendor.

Questions could be addressed regarding any increases in vendor prices.

Client could receive and keep track of credit notes where applicable.