Upgrade your QlikView Access Point


Case Studies

Custom QlikView Access Point

Getting value out of Business Intelligence isn’t like it appears on flashy flyers. Just because you have a set of reports doesn’t mean that your company will adopt to your infrastructure in the way your project team anticipated. We have found that a common way to drive your BI program is to upgrade your access point. Here is an example of how we have upgraded a client’s access point and we will briefly discuss the benefits.

Top-down View

The above is an access point built in a top down view. There are neat icons and the key benefit here is that this is a Top Down view of the business. The current QlikView access point is in reality a Bottom Up view of your business, as it is a view of the actual operation reports and dashboards.

If you are a business user, you now get to see the extent of the BI Program, as you can highlight the different business functions. Each button panel in this access point is a link to a QlikView Dashboard which is a landing point for underlying reports and dashboards.


It is all native QlikView

An added benefit for Pomerol’s custom QlikView access point is that it has been built on top of QlikView and QlikView Access Point native functionalities and security protocols. Just adjusted for increased engagement for the client.


Appetite for more

We have found that a great way to get buy-in for additional applications and new functionalities from the users is to grey shade some applications that indicates they are not accessible or coming soon into deployment. In this example, applications ‘Engagement’ and ‘KYC’ have a grey background, indicating they are either in-accessible to this user or coming soon/in development.


What’s new?

Our access point now has a text section to communicate updates. In this example, we explain the Business Intelligence (BI) Program and news and developments.



Deployment for the above access point can be achieved in under a day, however clients might require to re-engineer the underlying dashboards and reports to align with this view. In our upcoming post we will discuss how to seamlessly integrate this access point with the underlying environment – feel free contact us to find out more.