Transactional FX Sales Analytics

Case Studies

Transactional FX (TFX) Trading desk manages the risk and execution of Corporate, Commercial, and Consumer client cross currency payment flow in one of the leading Investment Banks. TFX supports over 150 currencies globally across three trading locations using a 24/5 coverage model.

In this case study, our QlikView team developed an advanced QlikView analytics platform which hosts multiple applications for FX Sales Advisors and Global FX Managers to enable visualization of client pricing, trading, revenue and ‘What If’ scenarios.


The TFX Desk was struggling to integrate multiple data sources into one platform and subsequently used three separate platforms to analyse their sales data. Viewing all FX trading, revenue and pricing data at a transaction level was a problem for all FX Sales Advisors and analysts who reported this data on a daily & monthly basis

Reporting was time consuming and business users lacked credibility on delivering monthly reports. The FX Sales Advisors and Global FX Managers needed a centralised Global Sales platform they could rely on as the single source of truth. 

Additionally, the banks strict security requirements meant that FX Sales Advisors need restricted access based on their region.  


Qlikview was used for the extensive ETL process. All three data sources were combined into a centralised data model that could be leveraged for the majority of the client’s reporting needs. 

This enabled Pomerol to leverage 1 data model for the majority of the client’s dashboards. Data models and generators were set to run daily and refreshed automatically, automating a traditionally labour intensive, manual process. 

We developed a Global Sales platform with 8 fully visualised production applications. These helped FX Sales Advisors analyse trading trends, look at the monthly P&L and drill into more details when needed. We were able to deliver a fully automated platform which was refreshed daily and used by all Global FX Sales advisors.