Supply Chain Synchronisation

Case Studies

Taking a look into one of the leading US based logistical solution providers whose state-of-the-art systems have helped deliver over 40% of the world's retail orders

Pomerol sought a transparent visualisation process to highlight stock ordering anomalies, premeditate supply chain snags and greatly reduce the costs associated with the delays in their product delivery.


Pomerol’s consultants expert understanding of SAP, combined with a best in class data visualisation ability, Pomerol Partners was able to swiftly identify and address the key pain points within the client’s vast data environment.

A production ready QlikView Application was delivered within 20 days to respond to the urgent business requirement of visualising a fast-moving purchase order landscape. This application was able to solve the below issues for the client:

  • Full Purchase Order visibility exposing open and incomplete P.O.’s
  • Customised business logic allocating actions to incomplete purchasing processes.
  • Highlight stock and pricing inconsistencies created between order and delivery.
  • Bring purchasing into equilibrium by balancing known and forecast demand with pending supply and target safety stock
  • Ensures continuous supply capability, minimised capital held in idle stock and reduced storage costs for over-bought materials.
  • Evaluate vendor and buyer performance on a product by product basis.
  • Visualise cross module procurement needs across multiple business functions and streamline purchasing.
  • Assess how vendor performance will impact specific projects downstream based on forecast stock requirements and anticipating supply chain snags.