Solution Use Case: Pradar

Market Insights and Commercial Intelligence powered by Qlik

Pradar delivers business intelligence and market insights to help defend against the loss of profit margins due to parallel trade. Leveraging your current BI infrastructure, Pradar is an agile and flexible solution designed for rapid deployment.

Pradar Basic offers a live view of all activity within the EMA’s parallel distribution register. Create a personalised Pradar profile and receive operational alerts each time new PD notice (parallel distribution insights) is issued relating to the products and markets of your choice.

The Pradar Advanced platform leverages Qlik’s advanced in-memory functionality to combine multiple data sets and generate a dynamic market wide analysis. Align in-market sales with IMS recorded consumption volumes, identify variances at a brick level and understand which parallel distributors may be involved.


  • Stay ahead of parallel distributors by understanding what products they are intending to trade and in which origin and destination markets.
  • Create a bespoke Pradar profile unique to your product ranges and countries of operation.
  • Receive operational alerts when new information is available that relates to your profile.
  • Integrate your internal datasets with the parallel distribution register to paint a clear picture of the relationship between parallel distributors and your product ranges.
  • Use ‘what if’ and scenario modelling analysis to simulate market conditions based on variable FX, pricing and volume inputs.