SIOP Forecast


Pomerol created an application through the use of QlikView to provide the client with reliable and up to date production and financial forecasts. The CEO used the application in bi-monthly meetings to view and track performance and identify show stoppers at a project level.



  1. Misalignment of production forecast and financial forecast were only updated monthly.
  2. Project details weren’t accessible to the client in the original forecast



All logic and calculations were stored in a centralized place through the display of QlikView.

Consistency and easy access was created for the client.

Up to date view of forecasting files where available throughout the month.

A report builder was created to provide a more granular view.



Turned 10 days of work at the beginning of the month into a 30 minute reload every morning with current projections for the month.

Comparative views of the forecast to track how projections change during the month.



Alignment between financial and production forecasts was improved.

Less time spent on forecast preparation monthly.

Bi-monthly meeting for the CEO in order to view and track performance.

Identify show stoppers at a project level