Qlik Sense November 2019 release

It’s that time of year again, when shopping for the best bang for your buck deals consumes and overwhelms the masses. Well, much like the retail space, the BI industry has a plethora of great new offerings and enhancements to their products. More specifically, let’s take a look into what’s new with Qlik in the November 2019 Release of Qlik Sense.




Mekko Chart

A new native chart for Qlik Sense. The Mekko chart is great for comparing groups while simultaneously comparing categorical items contained within those groups. Use a Mekko chart when you need to visualize normalized percentage values of grouped data. This chart is common in the finance and marketing space.

Map Enhancement

One can now select which layers auto zoom within the map chart, which gives the user more control and more styling options.

Table Styling

Format your tables with more options to design table headers and cells by customizing the font size, alignment and color.


This short cut feature makes app creation that much easier for developers of all skill levels. One now has the ability to add modifiers to measures within a table, bar, line or combo chart with a simple click in the properties panel. Define your range and steps to customize the accumulation to your specifications and voila! Currently, only the accumulation option is available but be on the lookout for more options coming soon.

Trellis Container Enhancement

Qlik has mace several enhancements to the Trellis chart released in June 2019. One can now use two dimensions within the Trellis chart to create a grid with one dimension in each section. There are various styling options, such as regarding borders, coloring, and formatting to customize your Trellis chart. There is also an advanced mode that allows for one to specify where to insert set analysis and dimensional values.

Qlik Sense Mobile

Qlik Sense Mobile for Android now has the same capability as the Qlik Sense for iOS app. Users can download their apps and explore data interactively when offline.

Qlik Connectors

Qlik has expanded their connectivity with new connectors in cloud editions of Qlik Sense.

  1. SAP SQL Connector
  2. Dropbox – Read
  3. Amazon S3
  4. SSL Support for REST
  5. Google Big Query update for High Throughput API