Pomerol Partners forms key alliance with Couchbase


Pomerol Partners is thrilled to announce a recent strategic technology partner, Couchbase. Together, Pomerol Partners and Couchbase will serve the needs of clients in a way that realizes a faster time to value and more flexibility than ever before.

Creator of the first-ever Engagement Database, Couchbase delivers ever-richer customer experiences. The full potential of data at any scale, across any channel or device, is maximized to create a more responsive, more personalized and more exciting customer experience. The Engagement Database was created due to customers’ attention spans constantly decreasing, and the idea that in 90% of cases, one bad experience will turn a potential customer away for life.

The Engagement Database is supported by powerful NoSQL technology. Unlike a relational database, NoSQL databases allow you to build an application before defining the schema, making it easier to update data and requirements. Also, with the ability to scale horizontally, you can add and take away servers as demand requires. NoSQL is built to deal with unstructured data, such as social media posts, which make up a large portion of today’s data flow.

A document-oriented NoSQL database reads and writes data formatted in JSON – which is the de facto standard for consuming and producing data for web, mobile, and IoT applications. The database simplifies application development because objects are read and written without “shredding” them – i.e., a single object can be read or written as a single document.

In addition to being able to scale effective and efficiently, distributed NoSQL databases are easy to install, configure, and scale. They were engineered to distribute reads, writes, and storage, and they were engineered to operate at any scale – including the management and monitoring of clusters small and large.

The strong new partnership allows Pomerol Partners and Couchbase to give clients the chance to constantly reinvent customer experience and thrive with an ever-adapting competitive edge.

Couchbase: Couchbase’s mission is to be the data platform that revolutionizes digital innovation.  To make this possible, Couchbase created the world’s first Engagement Database.  Built on the most powerful NoSQL technology, the Couchbase Data Platform offering includes Couchbase Server and Couchbase Mobile and is Open Source. The platform provides unmatched agility and manageability–as well as unparalleled performance at any scale–to  deliver ever-richer and ever more personalized  customer experiences. For more information, visit couchbase.com.

Pomerol Partners: Pomerol Partners is a data focused consultancy with offices in the United States, United Kingdom and South Africa. Approaching challenges from a business point of view instead of from an IT point of view allows Pomerol Partners to solve business problems with an end to end solution of disruptive technologies – Qlik, Lavastorm & Blockchain. Pomerol Partners delivers business critical data solutions in a timely and scalable manner that drives unparalleled efficiency improvements throughout client organizations. For more information, visit https://us.pomerolpartners.com/.