Parallel Trading Insights



Pradar delivers business intelligence and market insights to help monitor the parallel trade of pharmaceuticals in Europe.

The pharmaceutical industry is confronting a number of trends that create new challenges while also providing opportunities for our customers. These trends include issues such as end of life-cycle (patent) product management planning and pricing, legislative challenges (significantly around reporting), parallel trade and the data challenges around in-market sales.

Pomerol has worked with a number of global Pharma clients to help them tackle their individual challenges and pain points.

  • In Market Sales solutions, helping clients have a single point of view for all of their sales activity, spend, forecast and budget information.
  • SAP ERP sales reporting (single source for global sales reporting, with rebate calculations, discount agreement adjustments).
  • Sunshine Act data reporting and solution implementation.
  • Parallel Trade analysis and solution implementation.

Successful Use Cases

In-market sales solution built with Lavastorm and QlikView 12

In 2016 & 2017, Pomerol worked for Pharmaceutical clients at both the country and global level. We have provided a number of in-market sales solutions where clients finally have the ability to see consolidated data from across their CRM, Finance, Forecasting and HR systems.

Master data management process to derive profitability at the customer & product level

In 2016 we created an external master data management process to standardize reporting on products and customers across these 50 markets. This included a granular pricing matrix developed to more accurately understand ‘off-invoice’ discounts/rebates/taxes and improve the accuracy of accrual. The result was the customer finally being able to derive profitability at a customer and product level, instead of at a territory level.