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A Re-look at NPrinting

Getting value out of Qlik reporting is not always straight forward. Distributing a set of reports does not always translate into end user adoption and engagement. Pomerol Partners advises that BI teams offer their end users different consumption options (both BI dashboards and reports) to increase engagement and save on licence costs as these reports can be consumed without a Qlik application

In the European market, there seems to be less demand for Qlik NPrinting versus Qlik Sense and QlikView. At Pomerol Partners we believe that Qlik NPrinting is the final tick-box for a true enterprise engagement as it is able to provide pixel perfect Qlik NPrinting reports CXOs and managers.

Qlik NPrinting NewsStand functionality has excellent GUI design interface for increasing engagement and ease of use – we have discussed how BI success is influenced by design (see our recent post on upgrading your access point).

What is new?

Our custom landing page supports both QlikView and Qlik Sense environments for maximum interoperability. Pomerol Partners advises to have an agnostic platform that supports any BI tool. Feel free to contact us for NPrinting health checks and advisory services.

With Qlik NPrinting NewsStand functionality, users access a portal and can subscribe to certain reports. Pomerol Partners has made a custom icon on our already customised QlikView Access Point, giving the users seamless navigation as if they are in the same reporting portal.


The ability to visit a portal is effective in the way that users get to browse the report options in a user-friendly manner.

Users are able to browse between  different reports with a sea rch function.


The above illustrates the subscribe functionality where a user selects a report to subscribe to. This will then refresh and display the report in the subscriptions area. By default, a user can navigate back to their subscription area and bypass IT support ticket.


Additional advantages for organisations using Qlik NPrinting

Decrease cost

NPrinting can save money when it comes to the purchasing of Qlik Sense tokens and QlikView Client Access Licenses (CALs). It is important to note that you don’t need to purchase NPrinting licenses and you can distribute reports to users without them having to access QlikView or Qlik Sense.


Receive reports from multiple Qlik applications

Qlik NPrinting can connect to different sources allowing users to build reports from multiple applications. Qlik NPrinting console supports different formats including: docx, xls, xlsx, and pdf.


Combine Qlik Sense and QlikView reports

Nprinting 18 has the ability to connect to both QlikView and Qlik Sense applications. This allows the user to have one report from two different technology objects.


Providing the right reports to the right people

Through the use of filters within NPrinting, one can make sure that the right users are receiving the correct reports. The data in the report will be customised according to the user specific permissions/access levels.


Terms & Conditions

The reload of metadata from your NPrinting reports can be auto generated and if this connection fails, the report will not be sent out to the specific users.


NewsStand History

If the user prefers not to receive all their reports via email, a NewsStand can be set up to allow the user to log into a portal with specific credentials in order to access the reports.


Report Format

A report can be formatted in any Microsoft Office program. One can build a report in Excel to distribute as a PDF and visa versa.


Report Subscription

All NewsStand reports can be subscribed to and unsubscribed to when necessary. The user can also customize how many reports they would like to receive through the use of their own schedule.


Want to find out more?

Qlik NPrinting is completely automated requiring minimum IT support and minimising errors.

So what’s stopping your organisation to use Qlik NPrinting?

Contact Pomerol Partners now to find out more. We also provide best practices advisory for your current Qlik NPrinting environment and learning and development by providing hands on training.