Industrial Supply Chain & Procurement

A data discovery implementation with a world leader in material handling systems.



A leading US-based logistical solutions provider whose state of the art systems help deliver over 40 percent of the world’s retail orders.
This firm sought a transparent visualisation process to highlight stock ordering anomalies, premeditate supply chain snags and greatly reduce the costs associated with delayed product delivery.


  • A lack of business trust in the data quality from Excel derived reporting hampering decision making.
  • Over-allocation of resources to manual excel data transformation resulting in a lack of time for actual analysis.
  • A reliable data platform with transparent business logic to Improve supply chain visibility and drive calls to action.
  • A flexible, lean, and cost effective BI platform that allows cross module analysis of SAP data without extensive report building.


With an expert understanding of SAP, combined with a best in class data visualisation ability, Pomerol Partners was able to swiftly identify and address the key pain points within the client’s vast data environment. A production-ready QlikView Application was delivered within 20 days to respond to the urgent business requirement of visualising a fast moving purchase order landscape.

Open Purchase Order

  • Full Purchase Order visibility exposing open and incomplete POs.
  • Customised business logic allocating actions to incomplete purchasing processes.
  • Highlight stock and pricing inconsistencies created between order and delivery.

Materials Management

  • Bring purchasing into equilibrium by balancing known and forecast demand with pending supply and target safety stock levels.
  • Ensures continuous supply capability, minimised capital held in idle stock and reduced storage costs for over-bought materials.

Procurement Navigator

  • Evaluate vendor and buyer performance on a product by product basis.
  • Visualise cross module procurement needs across multiple business functions and streamline purchasing.

Supply Chain Visibility

  • Assess how vendor performance will impact specific projects downstream based on forecast stock requirements and anticipating supply chain snags.
  • Reduce the penalties and costs associated with delayed product delivery.


Combining the latest in-memory BI technologies, and an intimate knowledge of SAP,  Pomerol Partners deliver cross module analytical reporting at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional business warehouse solutions.



  • Cost vs. Traditional Business Warehouse Solutions – An agile and scalable BI toolkit at a fraction of the traditional software and infrastructure costs.
  • Time and Efficiency Gains – Created through automated QlikView reporting and eliminating manual data extraction and report building.
  • Business Savings – Improved forecasting ability reducing lost sales caused by supply chain shortfalls.
  • Greater supply chain visibility creating opportunities for cost reduction and cost avoidance.