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Tim Watson - Partner

"Pomerol understood how we bring value to our clients and partnered with us to build a solution tailored to their needs that maximizes our offering."
- Sharon Stanley, Managing Director


Company Highlights

Sector: Insurance

Region: United Kingdom

Approach: Financial Reporting, Insurance Brokerage, Power BI, Digital Transformation, Actionable Insights, Reporting Automation, Visualization



gpm provides the leading cloud-based insurance broking platform. They partnered with Pomerol to develop their inFOCUS INSIGHT module using Power BI to automate financial reporting, reducing time to insight and analysis and creating a single source of the truth.



Many firms in the insurance sector use spreadsheets for the business reporting. These are manually intensive, prone to error and typically lead to hundreds of separate reports being generated. Data becomes segregated and it is not possible to combine different sources together to form a holistic view across the firm. gpm identified the opportunity that Power BI presented to modernise reporting in the insurance sector. Power BI can automate the reporting process and create a single pane of glass where insights are accessible to users across the firm.



gpm partnered with Pomerol to deliver on their vision of a modern insurance reporting platform.

Pomerol built the Power BI dashboards for the first set of clients. These dashboards ingested data from disparate
databases combining the information into a single data model. They provide reports specific to the insurance brokerage sector that involve using complex dynamic nested measures in DAX to replicate financial reporting rules required by regulators and accounting practices. Implementation of these rules in Power BI gave users visibility of their positions on a T-1 basis without the need for manually running any reports. They also gave the users the freedom to self-serve custom views to meet their particular needs.

Pomerol delivered two phases of training:
1. Packaged workshops on Power BI fundamentals
2. Bespoke working sessions tailored to gpm’s needs

The packaged workshops gave the gpm developers and power users a solid foundation in Power BI. Then in the bespoke working sessions Pomerol worked alongside the gpm team developing dashboards demonstrating how to implement complex financial reporting rules.



gpm now offer a market leading reporting solution as part of their insurance brokerage platform.

This reporting solution provides:

A single pane of glass – everything users need in one place
A single version of the truth – keeps the team on the same page
Visualized workflows – users can uncover previously hidden powerful insights

Power BI enables clients to eliminate the need for spreadsheets, decrease email traffic and reduces data input replication. It automatically puts the right reports in the right hands at the right time.

Thanks to Pomerol’s training, gpm now has the knowledge and expertise to build Power BI reports themselves. This enables them to quickly build bespoke solutions tailored to their customers’ needs. Pomerol’s service offering of both developer resource and training enabled gpm to quickly deliver their new enhanced reporting solution to their clients whilst simultaneously building the capability in-house to develop complex Power BI reports.

“Pomerol’s bespoke training focused on what we needed and enabled us to quickly get upto-speed with Power BI.” – Sharon Stanley, Managing Director


Screenshots from the “Insight: Business Intelligence Reporting” solution



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