Finding the right client pricing solutions with FX Sales & Trading

Case Studies
Rozanne Forword - Account Executive

Providing transparency amongst the traders and clients while upholding the banks high standards amongst their client relationships

If you are an FX Trading specialist managing multiple clients, it can become easy to lose track of the original price plan issued for each client. In the competitive world of banking it is imperative that a front runner bank should ensure that their pricing per client is as accurate as possible not just to monitor revenue concerning spread but for the sake of their clients.


The issues that came into play within the bank when they first engaged with the client was that their price plans were being issued to clients initially but then a record was not being kept of the clients activity in relation to their stated price plan in order to ensure that this price was still relevant.

The key stakeholder at the bank was trying to ensure that all their clients within FX sales & trading were being priced accurately in order to save revenue as well as upholding the responsibility of ensuring that their clients where being priced fairly and accurately.


Pomerol implemented a Business intelligence tool called QlikView in order to develop a pricing analysis system.

Qlik was a tool already used within other areas of the bank, it was just a case of leveraging this amazing tool in order to get the answers that the bank needed.

Pomerol developed a pricing application which ensured accurate analysis by developing a feature in the application where Traders could bucket clients in relation to certain features, as well as being able to select different months, time frames and distinguish currency all in order to determine if repricing for a client was required.