Data Analytics in Hospitality


Within the hospitality industry, our experience has included providing analytics and customised reporting for high end Game Reserves and Lodge Industries across Sub-Saharan Africa. Pomerol’s success in this niche market has naturally evolved around the booking and revenue cycle by providing reporting and analytical tools for many of the leading players in the tour operating industry. This stems from several leading platforms of software that are currently available to them.

In both instances we have assisted our clients in their mature approach towards the vast amounts of data available to them by increasing their marketing efforts through assisting their revenue optimisation and reducing the time expended in producing flat reports.

We were able to replace their flat reports with an interactive, highly customised and live reporting feed that allows our users to concentrate on the business at hand. Aside from analytics and reporting, we have supported our clients in cleaning up their legacy data as well as integrating various accounting packages within their hospitality management and tour operator software thus leading to increased efficiencies in both forecasting and budgeting.


  • The maturing the client towards handling big data.
  • Focus has been solely focused around the guests with their various platforms functioning to a minimum.
  • Bad data, incorrect work flows and legacy data was being capturing outside of the clients systems.
  • Clients were relying on inconsistent data and guess work within their marketing sector.
  • Manual effort regarding alignment resulted in flat reporting and an associated lack of insight.


  • Maturing of our clients approach to their data.
  • Revenue optimization, time saving and marketing efforts are realised for the client through the cleansing of their data for better revenue reporting.
  • Through the use of QlikView, Pomerol has created one single reporting system for the client.
  • High standard of efficiencies, increased revenues and a significant amount of time has been saved