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Case Studies

A deep dive look at the successful implementation of a Microsoft Power BI application that helped our client look further into their finances through a global sales report.

Pomerol has helped clients within the retail industry to provide automated reporting solutions that replaced their more traditional static reports. This has allowed users to compare in-market sales across multiple markets in a dynamic, ad-hoc way whilst maintaining a single version of the truth governed by a central finance team.


When Pomerol began to engage with the client, our consultants realised that there were 3 business problems that their financial department kept on running into in terms of their monthly global sales report.

  • There was a lack of insight into the global sales of certain products globally
  • The client lacked the visual comparison between budget vs actuals amongst their product sales
  • There was also a need to restrict user access to certain data whilst maintaining access to the report


Pomerol, as a software agnostic consultancy, took the clients’ existing technology stack into consideration. In this instance the client had an established Microsoft environment making Power BI the best candidate for the task.