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As a leading data centric business enablement company, we have done work in multiple technologies and industry sectors. Below is a random selection of Demos across our industry solutions and product offerings.

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CIPS UK Conference – QEII Centre London

About the Conference Join us as we deliver a Keynote Address at the 2018 CIPS UK Conference. Our CEO, David van Rooyen will discuss how Pomerol Partners have driven success and built a foundation for innovation from within a customer procurement and supply chain division....
Case Study

Case Study: Vendor Procurement

Introduction Pomerol work with their client to provide visibility into actual material spend at a vendor level allowing the client to evaluate price increases or potential saving areas by streamlining their procurement process. Challenges Comparison of unit prices for individual materials compared with the historic...

Marketing Analytics

Bring your CRM to life with more than 5000 qualified data points on each one of your customers - providing extensive information on household demographics, consumption attitudes and spending behaviour.       Find out more about how we work across all industries. Industry Solutions...

Future of Analytics & Reporting from SAP

Introduction Pomerol Partners and Conessent Consulting GmbH, have aligned to bring you the industry leaders in SAP and Qlik to create an industry leading Business Intelligence reporting and analytics suite of applications. This collaboration is saving massive SAP project budgets, time, and labor in marrying...
Case Study

Case Study: Procurement – Supply vs Demand

Introduction Pomerol was involved with a leading global logistical solutions provider to implement reporting using the Qlik platform to highlight stock ordering anomalies, premediate supply chain snags and reduce costs associated with delayed product delivery. Challenges Alignment of supply to demand wasn't being met. Shortages...
Case Study

Case Study: SIOP Forecast

Introduction Pomerol created an application through the use of QlikView to provide the client with reliable and up to date production and financial forecasts. The CEO used the application in bi-monthly meetings to view and track performance and identify show stoppers at a project level....

Case Study: Industrial Supply Chain & Procurement

A data discovery implementation with a world leader in material handling systems.   Introduction A leading US-based logistical solutions provider whose state of the art systems help deliver over 40 percent of the world’s retail orders. This firm sought a transparent visualisation process to highlight...

Data Management – Extract, Transform, Load

In today’s rapidly changing data environment, it is critical that IT and business work together in order to unlock the competitive advantages within their data. However, legacy business intelligence processes often make this relationship time consuming and challenging. There must be a better way! With...