Qlik NPrinting


NPrinting has been implemented by Pomerol Partners to distribute reports to our clients. NPrinting is a money cost savings tool whereby instead of purchasing a certain amount of QlikView licenses for users to view the many applications on Access point, NPrinting only uses one license which allows the tool to distribute an unlimited amount of reports to any recipients (inside and outside organization).In our environment we use NP version 16 (QlikView only) and 18 (QlikView and Qlik Sense) which is currently in the testing/development stage. NPrinting 18 now has NewsStand as a feature which is a self-service web portal for users, where they can subscribe to the reports, view,download and schedule them as they like, instead of receiving reports via e-mails. All the users reports as well as their history will be available to download for up to 30 calendar days.


  • Distribution of monthly forecast tables to over 300+ vendors.
  • The reports contain sensitive data & vendors may be competitors.
  • The email generated contains all vendors email addresses and no option to include buyers in a cc’d line.


  • QlikView application was created to manage the many monthly changes of the vendor/supplier information.
  • Flags where created to match suppliers and buyers email addresses.
  • Table was created to separate the “to” and cc’d lines in an email.
  • Import recipients tasks option was inserted into NPrinting report in order for one report to be stripped into 300+ reports which will then be filtered accordingly.
  • Each time the import recipient task runs, it will bring in new suppliers and recipients, new filters, delete old recipients and send out to the supplier.
  • All distribution takes an hour.


  • Client saved thousands of dollars as NPrinting report was split into smaller reports for distribution


  • Supply has access to monthly forecast projections.
  • Client can view all buyers email addresses and follow up on any raw material concerns.
  • Communication was improved between the buyer and supplier.

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