Azure Cost Optimization for Essense of Australia

Case Studies
Douglas Robertson - Senior Consultant

“Pomerol was able to provide us some substantial savings for our Microsoft Windows Server and SQL Server licensing, almost $150k/year and they made the process easy and uncomplicated.” – Megan Mann, Director of Data and Analytics, Essense of Australia


Company Highlights

Region: Global

Sector: Retail

Industry: Fashion

Division: Technology

Solution Technologies: Microsoft

Solution Products: Microsoft Azure

Solution Service Type: Managed



Essense of Australia is a leading international bridal design house and wholesaler that creates and manufactures award-winning gowns for independent bridal retailers throughout the world under labels Stella York, Essense of Australia and Martina Liana, as well as private label collection Oxford Street and bridesmaid label Sorella Vita.

As an industry leading, growing retail company, they decided it was time to move their on-premise infrastructure to the cloud with a trusted Partner to free up their internal IT support team. They came to Pomerol to have us both manage the service and optimize costs.



After moving their on-premises infrastructure to Azure Cloud, Essense of Australia was incurring high monthly costs and were needing help in finding efficiencies to reduce their monthly spend on cloud services.



We leveraged reserved instances for 3 years on all virtual machines running 24/7 where we knew the infrastructure would be utilised over the next 3 years.

To reduce costs on Azure Windows licencing, we implemented windows Hybrid licencing model whereby the client purchased Windows licence packs from a 3rd party vendor at a competitive price point covering the number of CPUs in use allowing them to turn on hybrid mode which in turn removed Microsoft licencing from the monthly billing of each virtual machine.

We similarly did this with their SQL production licences. The client purchased these via the same 3rd party vendor, allowing them to turn on SQL Hybrid mode, again, removing the SQL licence costs from the monthly billing cycle.

Through reviewing metrics and understanding the usage of the applications running on the underlying servers, we were able to rightsize the servers to maximise performance in production environments and provide more cost-effective compute within their development/UAT environments.

By monitoring the environment and establishing how users were interacting with the applications we were able to determine that by switching off unused infrastructure during periods of inactivity, the client was able to make additional cost savings.



Overall, our solution provided effective cost savings to this client while still providing the ability to scale (increase or decrease) server, database, storage, and license capacity ondemand if required.

  • Reserving instances over a 3-year term resulted in cost savings up to 45%.
  • Switching to Hybrid windows licencing resulted in cost savings of 80% to 90% on Windows licencing costs.
  • Switching to Hybrid SQL licencing resulted in cost savings of 60% to 70% on SQL licences costs.
  • Right sizing the infrastructure through reviewing usage resulted in savings of 30% to 40%.
  • Reducing up-time of certain servers resulting in savings of 10% to 15%.


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