Asset Management


Asset Management and Fund Administration is an area where in-memory reporting tools can finally deliver full data transparency across the flow of funds.

Asset Management Transparency Analytics: Pomerol has successfully implemented a suite of applications to help analytics switch between Assets under Management and a hybrid view where intrafund flows are stripped out. In-memory reporting helps analysts switch between these views whilst still viewing common business dimensions like invested industries, funding source, client type etc.



  1. Little flexibility to implement Pomerol best practice/design approaches.
  2. Hostile approach from client and little collaboration effort/interest in the beginning.
  3. Difficulty with data validation, inconsistent sources to test against.



Standardization of views/hierarchies/metrics.

High to low level data visualization approach and flow.

Step-by-step application build and knowledge transfer with client



Transparency of assets under management with high level detail of capital flows.

Enhanced portfolio and capability analysis.

Simplified user experience and navigation.



Improved client relationship/trust.

Streamlined analysis of gross, net managed, net sourced and investment positions.

Enhanced communication between fund manager, customer and business.