AI Storytelling with DataRobot

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Build trust throughout the AI project life-cycle.

Bridge the gap between machine learning and humans In today’s era of AI and machine-assisted analytics, accurately interpreting and effectively communicating findings is becoming a crucial skill to bridge the growing data literacy gap. To get the most value from AI projects to drive better outcomes, you need to help decision stakeholders understand the process and make sense of results.

Machine learning use cases, metrics and charts can be difficult to comprehend and explain. Describing the AI problem to solve, machine learning models, and the relationships among variables is often subtle, surprising and complex. Successful analytical communicators don’t wait until the end of an AI project. Instead they use the entire process to educate stakeholders.

Download this explainer to learn more about DataRobot’s capabilities in Machine Learning.  As a trusted Tech Partner, Pomerol can work one on one with you to see if it’s a good fit for your business.

Pomerol Partners creates and delivers meaningful, business-focused data solutions. We are not general technologists; we specialize in data and data-driven projects. Our team of consultants and data engineers have a depth of experience across the full analytics supply chain – from initial data extract, through transformation and modelling, to dashboarding and operational alerting, and, onward to machine learning and predictive analytics. We also integrate data into customer facing portals. We work in a wide range of industries across a wide range of business functions including sales, operations, finance, manufacturing, marketing, and, more. Our clients include the Fortune 100 to 100 employee companies. Our consultants are in the United States, United Kingdom, and Portugal.

Curious what value ML can drive for your company? Book a complimentary ML Readiness workshop with us and see for yourself.