A Low Code Approach to Building a Quality Data Warehouse

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Webinars and Demos
Todd Bailey, Shivam Kapoor, Colette Peterman, David Carson

Are you looking for a low code approach to building a quality data warehouse?

Do you need to save time in your day?

Are you curious about how to transition to a modern data platform?

Listen to our Coffee & Conversation webinar hosted by Colette Peterman from Pomerol Partners as subject matter experts Shivam Kapoor, Todd Bailey and David Carson discuss some of the most popular Microsoft tools (and Qlik!) and how to leverage innovative automation via TimeXtender – an award-winning platform with a fast way to build a modern data estate on-prem and in the cloud.

Click here to listen to this Coffee & Conversation!


:07 – Does this sound like you? If so, keep listening!
:49 Introductions
2:05 – Microsoft SSIS – pros and cons
6:00 – What does a Time Xtender license come with and how easy is it for someone to connect?
9:12 – Curated data sets in Power BI and Qlik and how that communicates with TimeXtender
10:10 – Biggest advantages of using TimeXtender (spoiler alert – LOW CODE)
11:03 – Azure Data Factory “an evolution of SSIS to do everything in the cloud”
15:06 – Example of how TimeXtender works by instance, not data volume
17:38 – Moving from On-Prem SQL to the Azure Cloud, and how to implement Time Xtender with a click
19:40 – Time Xtender Demo – Slowly Changing Dimensions using colors as an example (with a couple clicks!)
28:40 – Fun Fact: TimeXtender just launched their connection with Snowflake Storage Support
30:17 – Time Xtender Demo – Data Lineage using GrossLine total as an example
33:49 – Time Xtender Demo – Automated Documentation with a click
41:57 – How to create and automate consistent pipelines
43:48 – Microsoft Purview – pros and cons
46:33 – Time Xtender “out of the box” solution and cost structure
48:49 – How does file ingestion work with Time Xtender?
50:23 – Version Control: how difficult is it to roll back to a previous version?
51:55 – Perk of using TimeXtender with Power BI
54:33 – Free 30 day trial license information

Pomerol can hook you up with a free 30 day trial license of TimeXtender! Let’s talk!