Data & AI Solution Partner

We have experience of delivering meaningful data-driven solutions across the entire Microsoft data stack. We partner with our clients to focus on creating business value with data.

Our Services

We have experience of delivering meaningful data-driven solutions across the entire Microsoft data stack. We partner with our clients to focus on creating business value with data.

We reduce operational costs

Migrating clients from expensive legacy on-premise technologies to low-cost Azure PaaS and SaaS solutions

We unlock hidden revenue opportunities

Delivering Power BI reporting that brings together siloed data unlocking business insights

We create state-of-the-art data-driven organisations

Building a single source of the truth in Fabric and empowering self-service BI with the Power Platform


Migration to Fabric & Power BI

Our accelerator packages quickly and efficiently migrate your legacy data infrastructure, analytics and reporting to Fabric and Power BI.

We are experts in a broad range of business intelligence, data engineering and database tools. We understand how to translate what works well in these tools into what works well in Fabric and Power BI. We will partner with you to maximise your return-on-investment and the value the BI and data solutions bring to your business.

We begin any migration exercise with an assessment to review your current data platform and plan the process for moving it across to Fabric and Power BI. We will create a roadmap for migrating you from your existing data platform to Fabric and Power BI.

Following the assessment, we will send you a proposal detailing a full migration strategy that includes:

  1. Cost savings attainable by converting to Fabric and Power BI
  2. Cost evaluation of the migration exercise
  3. How Fabric and Power BI can be used to drive the adoption of your data analytics tools
  4. Recommendations for making the most of the Microsoft data stack
  5. Identification of any opportunities to increase business value

Visit our page on Migration to Power BI for more details.





Why Fabric?

All your data. All your teams. All in one place.

Unify your data estate

Establish an open and lake-centric hub that helps data engineers connect and curate data from different sources—eliminating sprawl and creating custom views for everyone.

Manage powerful AI models

Accelerate analysis by developing AI models on a single foundation without data movement—reducing the time data scientists need to deliver value.

Empower everyone in your business

Innovate faster by helping every person in your organization act on insights from within Microsoft 365 apps, such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Teams.

Govern data across your organization

Responsibly connect people and data using an open and scalable solution that gives data stewards additional control with built-in security, governance, and compliance.

Why Pomerol?

  1. Analytics TO WIN® is Pomerol’s answer to crafting a practical and prescriptive Data Management and Analytics Strategy as quickly and efficiently as possible. Watch this video to learn about building a data strategy.
  2. Experience of delivering projects with the underlying tools in Fabric: Data Factory, Synapse Data Engineering and Data Science, Synapse Data Warehousing, Azure Storage
  3. Empower your team to leverage AI by preparing your data for use by ML tools
  4. Azure Solution Experts – set up your Azure environment to be secure and reliable whilst minimising costs

Power BI

Uncover actionable insights with visuals – Turn your raw data into engaging visuals with industry-leading data analysis tools—powered by AI—and an approachable drag-and-drop report canvas.

Translate insights into impact across teams – Turn insights into decisions faster by infusing insights into the apps you already use, like Microsoft 365, all while safeguarding your data.

Centralise your data in a trusted and secure hub – Easily create datasets from any data source and add them to the Power BI data hub to create an accessible, single source of truth for all your data.

Why Pomerol?

  1. Delivery of best-in-class Power BI reporting
  2. Training for your developers, power users and end users
  3. Guidance on setting up your environment
  4. Leverage co-pilot to accelerate your ROI


Our Qualifications

Our consulting team prides ourselves on being certified across the Azure and Power Platforms.

“Pomerol understood how we bring value to our clients and partnered with us to build a solution tailored to their needs that maximizes our offering.”
– Sharon Stanley, Managing Director

Read how we helped gpm automate their financial reporting, reducing time to insight and analysis and creating a single source of the truth.

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