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Data driven operations are the future, right?

But while most of our customers tell us 75 to 95% of their data are time series (measurements of data evolving over time e.g. sales, machine conditions, prices,..), the available machine learning and AutoML techniques and platforms were not designed for time-series data and struggle to deliver continuous predictions at scale that are both accurate and explainable. As a result, many companies are running in circles, gathering and storing ever more time-series data without being able to activate it and turn it into valuable predictive insights and actions. Activate your time-series data for predictive value in operations using the best-in-class InstantML technology!

Meet TIM

Tangent Works’ Tangent Information Modeler (TIM), powered by the disruptive and award-winning (Gartner, Siemens, Microsoft,..) InstantML technology for hyperautomated, accurate, agile and explainable time series machine learning helps customers across industries to activate their time-series data for powerful, automated predictions in their daily operations.

Core TIM functionalities include: Forecasting, anomaly detection, root cause analysis, classification, what-if analysis, data imputation and MLOps.

TIM is trusted by global leaders like Altair Engineering, Siemens, Volkswagen, Borealis, IFS and BASF.

How about you? Is your time-series data already put into action? Let us help you build your predictive business case and take the next step in your journey to becoming truly data-driven!

Data Science 

Of all machine learning tasks, time-series data modeling stands out in terms of complexity and workload. Time series often come in large quantities and the data has the tendency to change over time making it particularly challenging to operationalize a reliable forecasting or anomaly detection solution.

Most modeling techniques were not designed to cope with the specific needs of time series. They are not adaptive enough and therefore either underperform or become very complex to manage.

Tangent Works identified this problem and developed the completely new and disruptive machine learning approach called InstantML which is designed specifically for time series.

With InstantML building and managing large amounts of award-winning and explainable time series models becomes easy and quick!

Are you in Manufacturing?

Tangent Works’ predictive analytics solutions provide manufacturers with immediate business value from a wide variety of use cases ranging from supply-chain optimization to QA/QC monitoring, and from asset health monitoring to supplier performance tracking. We facilitate process improvements that have a low cost of putting into production, adapt as your business grows and require very little ongoing maintenance.

Siemens Success Story

In January 2022, Siemens MindSphere® unveiled its first artificial intelligence application for industrial IoT called AI for Everyone. This application for quick and easy time series forecasting is the first of many predictive solutions Siemens is developing using the TIM InstantML toolbox from Tangent Works.

“Thanks to the integration of Tangent Works’ InstantML technology, Siemens customers and partners can now better turn data into real and actionable insights and value. With the ability to use AI/ML to generate hyper-automated predictive analytics, even citizen data scientists can leverage data and achieve immediate insights, at scale. This ultimately reduces complexity and puts the power of IoT data in the hands of the user.” – Raymond Kok, Senior Vice President of Cloud Application Solutions @ Siemens

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