Continuous Data Movement in the Face of Change

Streamsets is a company that focuses on helping a business get real value out of their data by bringing order to the chaos with DataOps.

DataOps empowers enterprises to create continuous data movement architectures that iterate in response to changes to data sources, infrastructure and analytics requirements. It overcomes the brittleness of traditional data integration tools, which were designed when data movement was simple and static.

What is DataOps?

Organizing and cleaning data can seem like a daunting task to any company, especially with how messy or incomplete today’s data is. That why Streamsets created DataOps, to help you tease order and discipline out of the chaos and solve the big challenges to turning data into business value. It is a set of practices and technologies that operationalize data management and integration to ensure resiliency and agility in the face of constant change.

Today’s fluid world requires a platform that supports agility and StreamSets is that platform. It simplifies how to build, execute, operate and protect enterprise data movement architectures. Built on an open source core, it allows developers to design pipelines with a minimum of code, and operators to aggregate numerous dataflows into topologies, managing them centrally with live visibility, SLA-based performance and in-stream data protection.


Data Lake Integration

Adopting Cloud Data Platforms

Power Real-time Apps

Key Features

Execute From Edge to Cluster to Cloud

Data flow Automation & Monitoring

Data SLAs for Performance Management

Intelligent Pipelines for Data Drift Handling


Microsoft and Azure

Data Bricks

Amazon Web Service



Google Cloud Platform

The Hub
Modern data moves fast with new sources appearing all the time. StreamSets Control Hub gives your entire team a single place to monitor, manage, and optimize your data movement. The central nervous system of the DataOps Platform, Control Hub monitors data in motion so you always know where you need to focus.

The Data Collector
Meet the demand for more data, new use cases, and new technology integrations without hand coding. StreamSets Data Collector is an open source execution engine for fast data ingestion and light transformations that you can start using today.

The Transformer
Turn big data into insights throughout your organization with the power of Apache Spark. StreamSets Transformer is a modern transformation engine inside the DataOps Platform, designed for any user to build data transformations for modern sources, on any Spark cluster.

Use Cases

Execute From Edge to Cluster to Cloud
Modern data movement spans many different types of systems and the future is clearly hybrid and multi-cloud for many companies. The StreamSets DataOps platform provides a unified data movement layer that can execute data movement across a broad array of systems, from IoT devices and edge systems to a variety of on-premises and cloud-based infrastructure options.

Dataflow Automation & Monitoring
Whether micro-batch or streaming, all data movement is becoming continuous in order to feed the insatiable demand for instant analysis and action. The StreamSets DataOps platform provides the necessary automation to deploy and scale data-flows combined with the monitoring to ensure that business requirements for data delivery are always being met.

Data SLAs for Performance Management
In the same way applications have SLAs for user responsiveness and availability, the data that supplies critical analytics and operations must meet performance requirements to serve the business. The StreamSets DataOps platform provides the definition and enforcement of Data SLAs for availability, throughput and latency to ensure that data-driven processes always have the data they need.

Intelligent Pipelines for Data Drift Handling
Data drift is a critical obstacle to providing an agile and high-performing data flow architecture. The StreamSets platform is uniquely architected with Intelligent Pipelines that inspect and learn from the data as it passes. This provides numerous benefits, such as automatic handling of data drift and detecting and securing sensitive data in-stream for improved regulatory compliance.


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