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Select. Edit. Writeback. Done!

Our Qlik Sense Writeback Extension (QSWE) helps your organization save time and money by enabling your team to collaborate in real-time, entering data directly into your Qlik Sense Applications. 

Learn about how the Writeback Extension can be used in your organisation.


Improve your team collaboration and the quality & integrity of your data…

Pomerol’s database writeback extension expands the use of Qlik Sense beyond the traditional boundaries of ETL and data visualization. The Writeback Extension allows business users to collaborate in real-time inside your existing Qlik applications, saving your organization time & money and dramatically improving the integrity of your data.

  • Enter missing data directly into your Qlik apps
  • Make approvals & authorize
  • See the effects of your data edits visualized dynamically as you commit your changes
  • Reduce spreadsheet risk
  • Granular User permissions & audit trails
  • Get more value from your Qlik investment

QSWE product features and functionality…

The Writeback Extension was born in investment banking and is proven at the tier 1 enterprise level. It continues to evolve, with version 3 incorporating some new features and a brand new User Interface.

  • Modern UI that is intuitive & easy to use
  • Granular Role-Based User Permissions
  • Full Audit and Log Files
  • Bulk Data Selection and Editing
  • Manual or Automatic Writeback table creation

Use Cases forged from Tier 1 Enterprise experience…

Learn about how the Writeback Extension can be used in your organisation by browsing through various documented use cases on an industry by industry basis.

Alternatively, let one of our experienced Pomerol Consultants guide you through a product demo.

  • Enrich CRM data through commentary and insights
  • Model customer discounts on the fly 
  • Approve or reject sales discounts through a structured workflow

  • Healthcare – Nurses capturing patient discharge data points
  • Manufacturing  – Production line managers entering notes on fall out and incidents 

  • Tracking Assumptions & Variance Analysis commentary for improved data modelling 
  • Scenario modelling for discounts, price setting & financial forecasting
  • Scenario modelling for campaign management & tracking

  • Mapping table management directly in Qlik
  • Master data management directly in Qlik

Product Pricing

The writeback extension pricing model follows a two-tiered approach, and the monthly license fee is a function of both the number of users and number of live production servers.

  • Up to 50 users
  • Free set-up
  • Cost/user/month 


  • Tiered and unlimited user options
  • Fixed set-up cost 
  • Cost/user/month variable



Watch the Version 3 Business Launch Webinar recording…

Recorded on the 13th December 2019, Scott Duthie, Principle Consultant at Pomerol Partners, shows off the new UI changes and updates to the recent version 3 Writeback extension release.

Scott shares his insights into how the Writeback Extension works, and how it can extend your current Qlik ecosystem by enabling your business processes to be captured end-to-end within your Qlik Application. He also gives a live interactive demo and talks through various applicable use cases for Sales, Operations, Finance & Marketing, and IT.

Writeback Knowledge Base

We’ve just launched the writeback knowledge base, where you can access more detailed information and support:


  • Getting Started
  • Installation Guide
  • Load Scripts
  • Permissions & Settings
  • Product Features
  • Use Cases
  • FAQs
  • Known Issues

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