Qlik App – Surveys for Qlik Sense by Pomerol Partners

In app surveys for Qlik Sense

Quantifying feedback is the first step towards user loyalty.
The Qlik app shows what your users are not telling you.

Understand the drivers of client experience

Identify issues and opportunities

Prioritize adoption driving actions

The challenge is the same, whether you are a Qlik enterprise client, or a Qlik OEM - your users and clients determine your success.

How do I retain them? How do I drive adoption? How do I build loyalty? In app surveys for Qlik can help answer these.

Why do I need surveys?

  • Every Qlik implementation and solution is unique – which means every client experience will different.
  • User enablement, experience and trust form the foundations of client satisfaction.
  • Fix stuff before you lose engagement & license usage.
  • Support your champions and promoters earlier in the process.
  • Leaving the door open for continuous, automated feedback builds credibility.
  • Not all feedback is equal – Splitting feedback by staff hierarchy or client tier enables prioritization.

Our understanding of user adoption has been accelerated by delivering BI solutions for market leading client experience (CX) platforms.

Our CX experience, combined with our writeback development capabilities, enables a focused Qlik Experience (QX) solution.

Explainer Video


  • A conditional icon (emoji) prompts the user for feedback during their session.
  • A pop-out window opens to capture the scores and comments – at a tab level within the current app.
  • Once the user clicks save, the data is written to record (by a writeback extension) and the icon changes/disappears.
  • The newly created client experience (CX) data is joined to Qlik usage data, sourced from the server log files.
  • The CX and Qlik consumption insights are presented in a Qlik Experience app.


  • Contact us to setup a discovery call
  • Install the Survey Extension in 30 mins
  • Test & Experience Surveys for Qlik Sense
  • Set up Qlik Survey Extension
  • Set up the Server Side Extension
  • Set up Qlik Experience application
  • Access to solution consulting
  • Scheduled product updates, maintenance and patches
  • Development roadmap updates and input