Marketing Intelligence App

We invite you to experiment with enriching your customer database with real consumer profiles.

Corporations spend countless hours on complicated and expensive market segmentation endeavors

Pomerol Partners has teamed up with RUF Strategic Solutions to create a marketing intelligence application that enables you to enrich your customer database with real demographic, personality and behavioral profiles. The marketing intelligence database will reveal the distinctive demographics, psychographics, media preferences and buying habits of your most valuable audience segments, so you can deliver campaigns that appeal specifically to them.

You can also expand your customer base by using RUF’s profiling engine to identify new customers who fit the characteristics of your ideal customer. Understanding the distinctive traits of individual customers enables you drive more targeted and meaningful campaigns, and increase engagement and conversion.


For example:

Should our bank open another branch in Downtown Orlando based on the average household attitude to finance?


Our senior consultant Scott Duthie lead development of the Qlik Sense application—Marketing Intelligence API App—which is currently published on the Qlik Market. We invite you to experiment.

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