Kortical: Cutting Edge Automated Machine Learning

Kortical is an Automated Machine learning tool looking to enhance your organization’s data science capabilities through the automation of tedious and difficult code. With Kortical your organization will be able to create and deploy machine learning techniques at a much faster rate while delivering business value through accurate models.

Auto-ML for Data Scientists
Kortical, is a leading enterprise AI as a service platform, that gives data scientists the ability to increase their machine learning project intake and create more precise models through their Auto-ML capabilities. Created by experienced data scientists, Kortical looks to enhance the data science capabilities of an organization through automation of code used to prepare, create, and evaluate models.

How It Works
Kortical is built to create, explain, and deploy significant models. With the automation of the code and user-friendly interface data scientists are able to work faster and create far more impactful models. Below are some of the advantages of teaming up with Kortical for your machine learning needs:

-Gain a competitive advantage to your competitors by implementing faster and lower costs models
-Bridge the gap of data scientists by partnering with Kortical which has a dedicated team of data scientists there to answer any questions and help productionize use cases
-Pomerol Partners specializes in the model creation portion as well as the ingestion of results into your existing environments to deliver business value


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