Enabling AI-Driven Enterprises with Automated Machine Learning

DataRobot, the pioneer in automated machine learning, quickly earned its touted reputation by allowing companies without the data expertise or resources to efficiently create predictive models that extract clear-cut business value from their data.

DataRobot makes machine learning more accessible to a broader user set of employees who may not have a data science background. There’s also a greater efficiency enabled for organizations that need to run a large number of models in parallel, and when speed and precision are what creates a competitive edge.

Enterprise Data Platform

Automated Machine Learning

DataRobot’s Automated Machine Learning product is the only product to automate the entire data science scycle from raw data to driven value. Which features built-in guard-rails to maintain best practices and a massive library of open-source and proprietary models. They also provide human-friendly explanations through visual insights and documentation that describe each step in the modeling process. All DataRobot models are instantly ready for production and can be deployed with a single click to make your AI fully operational.

Automated Time Series

The goal of time series modeling is to predict future performance from past behavior – such as forecasting sales over a holiday season. Unfortunately creating time series can be a very difficult process and new factors will cause the model to be rebuilt. DataRobot integrates best practices in time series modeling, including automating time series feature engineering to discover predictive signals. With high accuracy and full API support to integrate modeling into BI tools. It is easy to derive a new understanding of your data and predict outcomes.

Machine Learning Ops

The share of AI models created but never put into, or pulled from production at large enterprises has been estimated as high as 90% or more. WIth the massive investment in data sciencea lot of business leaders arent seeing the value they expect.

DataRobot MLOps delivers the capabilities Data science and IT teams need to work together to deploy, monitor, and govern machine learning models in production. With DataRobot MLOps you can get model deployment in hours instead of months with proactive health monitoring and Built-in ML governance best practices.


Self service data prep is an integral part of the DataRobot platform, and with Paxata both new and senior users can quickly explore and prepare their data for machine learning model development.  The data preparation process is dramatically accelerated through the highly intuitive and visual point-and-click interface. Furthermore, embedded algorithms provide users with AI assistance throughout data preparation.

Precision Modeling

No matter how complex the data, DataRobot sorts through thousands of algorithms to give users the most precise predictive model, which agrees with Pomerol Partners’ philosophy of shifting from prescriptive analytics to predictive analytics. DataRobot allows precise models, and therefore expert business recommendations, to be created in days as opposed to months.

  • Simultaneously test more models in a fraction of the time, and therefore accelerate model delivery
  • Promote data literacy across your organization with intuitive software
  • Courses through DataRobot University that educate clients on the latest methods in enterprise machine learning and AI, helping attendees identify opportunities to optimize their business using machine learning
  • DataRobot APIs and SDKs that allow partners to easily integrate the DataRobot automated machine learning platform into their customers’ existing environments and services.


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