Start building your smart contracts today!

Pre-packaged analytical application for Blockchain and Smart Contracts.

Pomerol’s BI & Blockchain integration is a new and disruptive approach to FinServ. We show you how we fuse new processes and systems with traditional business models, to give a competitive advantage.

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Analytics, BI, Blockchain – do you know how this is impacting FinServ?

Blockchain technology opens up the opportunity for participants to drive significant change, efficiencies, data provenance and the ultimate in compliance.The simple fact is that Blockchain allows you to keep ALL the relevant information about specific agreements and/or transactions in the single chain.

Pomerol offers the first platform that combines the best of both worlds: the capability, scale and data governance that IT needs with the agility, speed and usability of consumer-grade desktop tools.



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The Pomerol Partners Master Data Management (MDM) console, powered by Qlik Sense, allows an organisation to proactively operate, monitor, manage and optimise the full data process. From initial data sourcing right through to reporting you are able to engage business users. The MDM Console is a business focused, agile and flexible solution that either leverages your current MDM infrastructure as a ‘Bolt-on’ or serves as a rapidly deploy-able solution framework to start from scratch.

Start building your smart contracts today!