The Pomerol Writeback Extension is TED accredited!


We are very happy to announce that the Pomerol Writeback Extension for Qlik Sense has been accredited into the Trusted Extension Developer (TED) program. The TED accreditation insures you a stable, supported, high quality solution.

See our TED page:

Qlik’s TED Program includes:

Extension Accreditation: Reduces risk of code failure on upgrade, ensures security protocol and data collection compliance, and allows accreditation on additional functionality such as responsiveness and mashup readiness.

Best Practices & Enablement: Detailed requirements documentation, test script creation guidance, monthly webinars, and open feedback channels like Slack.

Testing Tools: Qlik supported automated testing tools, and test script validation with Qlik Sense via a CLI to improve submission quality.

Assured Upgrades: TED members sign up with a commitment to provide on-going updates to their accredited extensions, as well as ensuring customers can receive support during their use.

All accredited extensions are listed on Qlik Market. Nevertheless, you will obtain the subscription and the support directly from Pomerol Partners.

What is the Pomerol Writeback Extension?

Our integration for Qlik Sense allows you to edit and enter data directly into your published applications. See the effects of your changes instantly. Reduce spreadsheet risk. Avoid task switching and complex data consolidations. Help your team by giving them a tool to increase productivity, and ensure your business makes the best decisions based on the right data.

The Writeback extension helps enterprise organizations save time, and money by:

  • Improving collaboration across your teams.
  • Improving the speed and efficiency of your data cycle.
  • Improving the quality and integrity of your data.


See Pomerol’s Writeback extension in action!