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As a leading data centric business enablement company, we have done work in multiple technologies and industry sectors. Below is a random selection of Demos across our industry solutions and product offerings.

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Micro Analytics – Retail Banking

Pomerol’s Micro Analytics is a new breed of data visualization utilizing interactive maps to bring your markets and your customers to life. It's about discovering hidden opportunities, and generating actionable insights to drive your decision making.     Find out more about our solutions in...

Surfacing the value of Blockchain with Analytics

Introduction One of the hottest buzzwords in financial services is Blockchain, yet front page uses and success stories struggle to surface. Fred Hefer, Pomerol Partners CEO, and Paul Van Siclen, Qlik Director of Industry Solutions, Financial Services, start with a business focused introduction of the...

Case Study: Blockchain for Insurance

Introduction The potential for Blockchain technology to disrupt the insurance industry and change the way we share data, process claims and prevent fraud is intriguing. Pomerol Partners are leading innovation in the insurance sector by adopting the latest technology in asset management. Challenges In the...
Case Study

Case Study: Price Analytics

Introduction Price Analytics at a Tier 1 Investment Bank client was seen as a "no-go" area due to a distributed and complex IT architecture, with a lack of tractability and the dropping of price information with the data flow from the front office. Pomerol introduced...
Case Study

Case Study: Trade Breaks & Data Accuracy

Introduction An internal project to categorise and report on Trade Breaks was proving unsuccessful, as the users had little confidence in the accuracy of the data that was being presented to them. This resulted in various departments manually creating their own versions of the reports,...

Marketing Intelligence App

The Marketing Intelligence app will change the way you execute your marketing strategy Pomerol Partners has teamed up with RUF Strategic Solutions to create a marketing intelligence application that enables you to enrich your customer database with real demographic, personality and behavioural profiles. Most notably,...
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Case Study: Asset Management

Introduction Asset Management and Fund Administration is an area where in-memory reporting tools can finally deliver full data transparency across the flow of funds. Asset Management Transparency Analytics: Pomerol has successfully implemented a suite of applications to help analytics switch between Assets under Management and...
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Case Study: Rehypothecation Gap Analysis

Introduction Rehypothecation is a classic example of an investment banking product that is core to the business but often has bespoke IT systems. These systems are functional in nature but lack the analytical capability to spot Rehypothecation gaps to maximise returns on potential funding. Pomerol...

Hedgeweek Awards – Best Data Visualisation Consultancy

About the Hedgeweek Awards Pomerol Partners awarded the 2015 and 2016 Hedgeweek Global Awards for Best Data Visualization Consultancy. Hedgeweek is the most targeted digital news publisher serving institutional investors/wealth managers and their investment managers/advisers across all asset classes with seven daily global newswires and...