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What is Qlik Sense?

Qlik Sense is a next-generation application for modern, self-service oriented analytics. It supports the full spectrum of BI use cases across an organization, including self-service visualization and exploration, guided

analytics apps and dashboards, custom and embedded analytics, and reporting, all within a governed framework that offers enterprise scalability and trust for IT.

Qlik Sense was built to deliver broad value for users of all skill levels, whether working individually, in teams, or globally.

Whether simply consuming, exploring and analyzing, creating, or collaborating, Qlik Sense provides advanced capabilities that delight and empower everyone.

  • Qlik Sense combines simple usability with the reliability and accuracy of data and analytics, allowing any member of an organisation to create customised reports and discover valuable insights on their own.
  • With Qlik “Associative Technology” data across all sources within a business are linked together without anything being lost. Relationships between the sources are automatically managed through the platform.
  • Employees across all skill levels are able to navigate the software with ease, and searched for data is visually displayed, showing all associative sources as well.

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