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CONSULTING SERVICES | Qlik Sense Writeback Extension

What is the Qlik Sense Writeback Extension, and how does it help you to extract more value from your Qlik solution?

The Business Case is Simple: It extends the functionality beyond the traditional boundaries of ETL and data visualisation.

Save time, save money and accelerate the reporting cycle by updating source data direct from your published Qlik apps.

When you buy the extension, you own the code, and can deploy it in as many apps, and to as many users as you wish, at no additional cost.

Remove risk caused by complex Excel source tables. The writeback extension contains a governance structure to determine who can make updates, and an audit log to track changes.

Exciting New Functionality

Generation 2 of Pomerol’s Writeback Extension is packed with new self-service features:

  1. Bulk Data Selection and Editing. This enables rapid changes in your underlying data set and is great for assigning a status or applying a blanket adjustment across a group of records.
  2. The Self-Service Configuration has come a long way. Choose the fields that should be editable. Determine what type of editing is allowed. Free text, drop down menus, bulk editing and more.
  3. Role Based Permissions have been expanded to Admin, User and Read-Only. Active Directory groups and Section Access controls who can view data, who can edit data, and who can approve changes.

Powerful Customer Use Cases

The Writeback Extension can be used to extend Qlik in many directions:

  1. Update records in your CRM system direct from Qlik. This saves time and accelerates the reporting cycle. Edit master data, deal sizes or a deal close date, and embed that data within your data model in real time to see the impact.
  2. Add commentary or a status to transactions, flag records for investigation, or assign a task.
  3. Embed your planning process into your Qlik solution. Update budgets and forecasts and enable rapid what-if analysis on your amended data set on the fly.

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Pomerol’s database writeback extension expands the use of Qlik Sense beyond the traditional boundaries of ETL and data visualisation. Users can modify both text and numeric data through the extension popup. Modified data is written back to the database, a partial/full reload of the Qlik Sense app is then automatically triggered making the modified data part of the production data model. Ask us more about how we can help you and your organization TURN DATA INTO KNOWLEDGE.