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As a leading data centric business enablement company, we have done work in multiple technologies and industry sectors. Below is a random selection of Demos across our industry solutions and product offerings.

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Vital data analytics.




What is Microsoft BI?

Microsoft’s Power BI is a business analytics service that enables your organisation to gain competitive edge through a variety of vital data analytics, dashboard and data visualisation tools.
Being a data-centric consultancy, Pomerol has gravitated to Microsoft’s Power Business Intelligence (BI) and we are definable seeing more demand for the tool into the market. We have a number of consultants, with a wide range of business skills that are focused solely on this evolving BI Tool. In 2018, we are becoming official Microsoft Partners to help us further our insights and skills with Microsoft’s Power BI.

With Power BI we believe in always empowering the end user within the business and we understand the need for clarity, simplicity and consistency with technology. With the input from our specialist Power BI Business Development Manager, we ask the right business and technical questions to the right people and we listen attentively so we can develop the user-friendly data analysis and presentation capabilities that your organisation really needs.


“Pomerol works with a wide variety of SME’s and multinational companies. We offer smaller pilot projects as a starting point with every organisation, and these are extremely effective.”


A sample pilot project might include ten days of initial engagement with your business to enable us to gather requirements and build a number of dashboards. We also provide ongoing technical service to support and assist your end user.

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